Leather Dummy Clip (plain)

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These CMC Gold dummy clips have been independently lab tested and passed all aspects of mechanical and chemical testing. All parts used have also been lab tested and certified to EN12586.

Our Dummy Clips are the perfect little gift for a new or expecting mumma!

These stylish and modern leather dummy clips come in a tan leather & you can choose your clip colour. The tanning process used is chemical free.

For safety and hygienic purposes we recommend discarding your dummy clip after 3 months of usage. 

Please note: As the Leather is natural (chemical free) excess moisture (including dribble) will watermark the leather. If bub is teething or a dribbly baby i would suggest looking at a beaded range. To clean the leather. Just use a slightly dry microfiber cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Strap size - 20mm wide x 140mm long x 2mm thick

please note: do not immerse the clip in water. Keep water, wipes, soap or any moisture away from the metal on the clip as it can corrode the metal.