Reusable Training Pants (pull ups)

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Training Pants: Adaptable For All Stages Of Toilet Training

2020 Favourite Toilet Training Aid – My Child Awards

You’ll love these because:


Adjustable Absorbency: When you start toilet training expect accidents. Lots of them. We have added an inbuilt dual layer of microfibre inside the pants, and simply use the Bamboo Booster for those initial learning days. Remove the bamboo booster as their learning improves, with the security of those hidden layers.


Waterproof Outer: Our soft, plain coloured PUL fabric will keep clothes & bedding dry.


Look! Big kid undies mum: Made to look & feel like real undies, your little munchkin will be rocking the world on fire with their amazing new talent. Not a nappy look insight!


                  Waist                   Legs              Rise          KG range 

Small       40 – 48cm            24–30cm         42              10-15kg

Med          43 – 52 cm          28-34cm          46.5             14–18kg

Large       47 – 56 cm          30-36cm           50.5            18–24kg

XL             50 – 59 cm          33-40cm          53.5             24kg +


Product Specifications
: Training Pants + Bamboo Booster
Inner Absorbency: Hidden 2 layer, Microfibre
Bamboo Booster: Bamboo Fleece (multilayer)
Outer Fabric: PUL
Inner Fabric: Organic Cotton Jersey
Pocket: NO
Sizing: See above
Day Suitable: Yes
Night: Yes with added bamboo booster however does not hold as much capacity as a normal nappy so isn’t designed for holding large volumes.